Best Earphones Under Rs 2000

We bring you with a list of Top 5 In-Ear Headphones priced below Rs 2000 to satisfy your desire for high quality music at an affordable price.

Earphones under  Rs 2000

Top on our list is the Brainwavz M1 by MP4Nation , these pair of earbuds will certainly not disappoint you with there deep and punchy bass , the M1 wonderfully recreates the Low frequency sounds with ample room and justification to the mids and high.The great build quality complements the package which is available for roughly around Rs 1700 , you can blindly buy them if you have a budget of less than Rs 2000.

In-Ear Headphones below Rs 2000

The specifications of Brianwavz M1 are :-

  • Transducers/Drivers: Dynamic, 10.7mm
  • Rated Impedance: 32ohms Closed Dynamic
  • Sensitivity: 110dB at 1mW
  • Frequency range: 20 – 20000Hz
  • Distortion: <= 0.3% @ 94dB
  • Channel balance: =< 3dB (at 1000Hz)
  • Rated input power: 10mW
  • Maximum input power: 40mW
  • Plug: 3.5 mm 45-degree gold plated
  • Cable length: 1.3 meters
  • 1 year warranty
  • Net Weight: 10g

What you get in the Box :

  • 1 x Comply foam tips
  • 3 x Pairs of ear tips (S/M/L)
  • 1 x Shirt clip
  • 1 x Hard carrying case
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x Warranty card

In-Ear Headphones below Rs 1000

For people who want good quality sound with decent isolation then Creative EP-630 are worth giving a  try , available for a price tag of around Rs 700 they are capable of reproducing decent bass and offer good noise isolation.Not meant for the audiophiles but excellent for casual listeners.

  • Driver Units  : 9mm Neodymium magnet
  • Frequency Response:     6Hz~23kHz
  • Impedance:     16ohms
  • Sensitivity:     106dB
  • Cord Length:     1.2m
  • Input Plug:     3.5mm stereo gold-plated
  • Net Weight:     9 g

What you get in the box :

  • 1 pair of Creative EP-630 in-ear earphones
  • 3 pairs of silicone tips in different sizes (S, M, L)

Stylish Good Performance In Ear Headphones

JVC Marshmallow HA FX34 are another sturdy pair of earbuds that come at a price tag of around Rs 600 , stylishly designed and with decent sound output , they are not going to burn a hole in your pocket .Good Mids ,High and decent bass is what makes them a great pair of earphones for everyday use .

Technical Specifications for JVC Marshmallow :-

  • Driver Unit    – 8.5mm
  • Magnet type    – Neodymium
  • Frequency Response    – 8-23,000Hz
  • Nominal Impedance    – 16ohms
  • Sensitivity  – 100dB/1mW
  • Max. Input Capability    – 200mW
  • Cord Length   – 3.28ft
  • Weight –  8 g
  • Plug    – Gold Plated iPhone compatible plug

What you get in the box :

  • 1 pair of JVC Marshmallow HA-FX34  in-ear earphones
  • 2 pairs of  memory foam earpieces

Cheap Price High Performace Earphones

Sound Magic PL 11 have received wide scale appreciation from users , although not a much know brand but these pair of in-ear headphones will certainly give any Sony or Apple earbuds a run for money .The bass is phenomenal and the highs and mid are well balanced .The built quality of the cable and the earphones themselves has been made keeping in mind the rough treatment they are about to get .Overall they are an excellent pair of earbuds available at a price tag of around Rs 1000.You can also go in for there cheaper model PL21 that is readily available at around Rs 800 through most eBay dealers .Highly recommended !

Technical Specifications :-

  • Driver Unit    – 9mm
  • Magnet type    – Neodymium
  • Frequency Response    – 20-22000Hz
  • Nominal Impedance    – 12ohms
  • Sensitivity  – 103dB
  • Cord Length   – 1.2 m
  • Weight –  10 g
  • Plug    – 3.5mm

What you get in the Box :-

  • PU pouch,Cable clip
  • S,M,L Silicone ear tips


Lost Cost Earbuds

SkullCandy Ink’d and SkullCandy 2XL are two affordable in ear headphones from Skullcandy , they have a decent performance graph in terms of reproducing the lows and high and with the 2XL’s available for roughly Rs 500 and the Ink’d for Rs 900, they perform fairly well at there price tag , however these Skullcandy  earphones are a bit fragile so handle them with care.

Most of the products mentioned above are available at majority of online stores like ebay,Flipkart,Snapdeal and others . SkullCandy and Creative range of earphones are also available at most of the Retail outlets.

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