Lost Your PAN Card ? Here Is How To Get It Back

Recently my friend lost his wallet and along with it his PAN Card , this is something that a lot of us face often , call us irresponsible but as a matter of fact we lost it and now we need it back ! So i am going to explain you the steps needed to get back your PAN Card without  a tout and wasting your hard earned money .

Lost Your PAN Card

Getting Your PAN Card Back ( The Anti-Tout Way )

1. First step would be clicking on this link redirecting you to the NSDL( National Securities Depository Limited) website .

2. Select the applicable category from the drop down list and Click select.

How to reapply for PAN card

3. Fill in your details such as your PAN Card number, Name,Mobile Number and Address. Hence this process can also be considered as an opportunity to update your details on the Income Tax Department database in case you would like to change any details associated with you PAN card such as your communication address then click on the check box next to the field or else just enter the details and continue .

If you are not sure whether any particular block of information will match with that of ITD database then its advisable that you click on the check box next to the field to update the details and provide the required proof for the same .

4. Once you fill in all the details jump to Step 11 and enter the details of the Identity proof that you are going to attach with your application in tandem with the details .

5. Now comes the payment section , you can select the DD option and attach the DD with your acknowledgement (the good old way) or you can pay choosing Netbanking or any bank credit or debit card .

Reapply for pan card payment options

6. Once you get the acknowledgment number make sure your print it and send the signed acknowledgment letter to INCOME TAX PAN SERVICES UNIT (Managed by National Securities Depository Limited), 3rd floor, Sapphire Chambers, Near Baner Telephone Exchange, Baner, Pune – 411045

7. All set and done you can now track your PAN card delivery status with your acknowledgement number .

A Few Things  :-

. Please fill details such as your mobile phone number and e-mail address , this is helpful in case of any discrepancy in your application and further this will also be used by the Income Tax department to you send you notification e-mail once the card is dispatched.

. If you happen to miss saving the acknowledgement form then do not panic , just send an e-mail to  mentioning all the  details such as your name , father’s name , pan card number etc , they will then send you the acknowledgement form via e-mail.

. For the list of required documents Click Here , if reapplying for PAN card then you will need to attach a copy of your PAN Card or the letter which accompanied your PAN Card when you first received it .



  1. Hi
    My mom lost her Pan Card as she got robbed from a biker ,somebody snatched her handbag.She also has a FIR for the same,How can we get the same PAN CARD reissue .Kindly suggest.


  2. Hi Sapna , PAN Card is among the few Government Documents that can be re-issued easily , the process is streamlined and you “DO NOT” need an agent for this . I guess the instructions above are self explanatory , if you get stuck somewhere then leave a reply . And yes , you would need to send the FIR copy along with the acknowledgement letter.

  3. It is not compulsory to have a FIR Copy if you have lost your PAN and want to get it re-issued , all you need to get it re-issued is either a Photocopy of the letter that accompanied you PAN Card or just a photocopy of your PAN Card

  4. hiii….i lost my PAN card fr about half an year….and it was submitted to my bank a/c ….plz give appropriate details to re-issue my PAN card ….hope you do ..!!

    Akash Gupta

  5. I am also lost my packet inside pan card atm and money .,24th may

  6. Thanks for the great post! It is clear and self explainatory :)

  7. Thanks for the post. This helps a lot. One thing I fail to understand is, in spite of such clear instructions, why do people ask details about how to apply for re-issue of PAN card in comments?

  8. Well when we lose as an important doc such as the PAN card ,people do tend to panic and in the process fail to notice the simple procedure . :-)

  9. I applied for the lost PAN card online. Made the payment through net banking. I did not get the acknowledgement but instead got a message to try later. When later I tried to track the status with the transaction number, I got the message that the payment was unsuccessful via net banking and to try other options. However, the amount was deducted from my bank account. How do I get the money back?

    • If it is a failed transaction then you will surely get your money back , sometimes it takes time but the money will come back, i think that you should try again and see if you can get through this time . If the transaction gets failed again or if you are unable to proceed with netbanking then you can try the Debit Card option as well , if that also fails then send an e-mail to there support team tininfo@nsdl.co.in . They will be able to assist . Reply if you have queries .

  10. How to reapply a pan card if the card was not received by me at the postoffice?

  11. Hi Nitin,

    I lost my PAN card quite sometime ago and do not have a photocopy of the PAN card or of the letter that accompanied it. is there a way for me to get it re-issued.

    • Hi Akshay ,

      If you “DO NOT” need to change any details on the PAN Card or Get it at a different address then you can simply reapply for PAN Card online but while filling information “DO NOT” check any boxes , just fill the information there and do not check boxes on the left hand side . Worst case scenario you will later get an e-mail from NSDL saying the information you entered does not match that on the ITD Database and whether you want to get the PAN card as per the ITD Database , just go ahead with the latter option then .

      Thanks !

  12. sir/Madam ,
    I could not receive the PAN card when it was being dispatched. It has returned back. Please tell me the procedure to get it back .

  13. my pan card was received by my friend at mumbai as i was transferred to delhi. he posted that pan card to me but unfortunately it got lost in mail. the only thing i know is the pan number. i want to receive my pan card at my address but dont have any address proof . how it can be possible. please help

  14. but do i have to send my originals by post or just the attested copy of the documents?

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